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1851 Colt Navy Richard-Mason cartridge conversions imported by Taylor's & Co and made race ready originally by Bob Munden and now his successor Jeff Ault are my preferred choice for Frontier Cartridge Duelist. My exquisitely engraved 1871-72 Open Tops have been semi-retired to more precision formal target shooting at The Prince of Pistoleers Tournament and Jesse James Frontier Revolver Shootout.

There is really no choice for rifle as it must be my Taylors & Co 1866 Short Sporting Rifles tuned and short-stroked by Pioneer Gun Works.

A Ithaca/SKB 100 12 gauge side by side, prepared by Johnny Meadows is my main match shotgun. For style points I use my AYA side-lock double gun. IAC/Winchester 1887 WCSE limited edition lever action shotgun tuned by Coyote Cap is used when conditions demand something different.

For competition a Mernickle Holsters Custom Gunfighter rig is the only choice for the short barreled Navies. My Open Tops reside in San Pedro Saddlery custom reproduction Main & Winchester Slim Jim?s custom crafted by Big Ed himself and worn plainsman fashion on a reproduction Union Army Saber belt complete Civil War era Officer?s box plate buckle.

A Cartright Big Sky gun cart in the deluxe configuration hauls my guns and gear.

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